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About Me...

501Films wedding photography captures your special day in a relaxed and candid way. I take the awkward out of wedding photography and capture the real moments throughout your day. Whilst I still shoot group photos I offer far more than the "everyone stand together and smile" you might not be so fond of. I work through your day making sure every smile, laugh and cheer is captured, they're the photos you will look back on and adore.

What Do You Recieve?

My wedding photography can be entirely catered to your day. I shoot everything from getting ready to going home, or as little as just the ceremony if that's what you would like! I edit the images and offer you hundreds of photos on a usb memory stick. The stick allows you to share your photos around the family to do whatever you want with them, there are no secret costs or agreements, these are your photos to enjoy.

Why 501Films?

501Films is more commonly known as me, Simon. I'm a younger wedding photographer that brings enthusiasm to your day! For me this isn't a cash cow, I'm not here to rip you off which often people tell me they feel happens in the wedding photography industry. I offer a light hearted style of photography to make everyone comfortable, as not everyone likes having to stand and smile. Thats not to say I don't still offer all of the expected quality from any other photographer I just love to do it with a bit more fun!

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